Fly In - Fly Out charter flights

Altitude Aviation are expert providers of Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) air charters. We transport over 376 mining and drilling staff members every month (As of February 2020) from bases across Australia. When it comes to FIFO, our number one priority is to ensure our FIFO passengers arrive on time, minimising the amount of time spent waiting at airports. Business from mining, drilling and and other resource sectors can’t rely on the schedule and delays that stem from airline flights, this is where charter options are the best choice. You might be surprised to learn that the cost of FIFO charter flights are generally cheaper than an airline alternative and the added flexibility of no airline schedules means you arrive at the time that suits you.

Our FIFO fleet inludes the popular King Air. Capable of carrying 10 passengers and operating from unimproved dirt strips, the King Air is unsurpassed for flexibility and cost. When we are required to provide additional aircraft, we supply economical Piper Chieftain or fast Cessna Citation Jets to complete the job.

Our experience in the FIFO sector means we know what it takes to deliver the most efficient and workable FIFO charter flight for staff, or urgent freight.
Current routes for select clients include Sydney to Cobar flights, Brisbane to West Wyalong, Sydney to West Wyalong, Sydney to Nymagee and more.
To find a solution to your FIFO requirements, call us 1800 747 300 and discuss your needs with our experienced Flight Managers.

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Altitude Aviation is your specialist aircraft charter operator, providing aircraft charter services throughout Australia. Flights are available 24 hours a day, in a range of aircraft, from corporate jets to airliners, light aircraft to helicopters. With our fleet of charter aircraft throughout Australia, we can have the right aircraft on the job in a short timeframe. Contact our professional team right now to let us solve your transport needs.