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Private Jet Charter

A private jet charter is just that—private. These chartered flights offer what commercial airlines cannot: flexibility, efficiency, privacy and are always on-time. Passengers travel to their destinations in luxurious quietness, away from the noise and inconvenience of crowds at airline terminals.

Fly-In Fly-Out Turboprop services

Need to get staff to a remote site? Our high performance and agile turboprop planes can operate on unsealed runways. This makes them ideal for outback tourism as well as FIFO flights.  Our FIFO capable aircraft include the high-capacity Kingair and equally capable Chieftain.

From the ground up, Altitude Aviation is your expert provider of business and luxury aircraft charter. Whenever you are ready to fly, we have a charter plane to suit your requirements from helicopters to private jets.

We have operated our air charter service since 2005. A commitment to safety and reliability means thousands of satisfied customers have come to expect the highest standards on all our air charters. Our operating experience in the aviation industry means we know exactly what to do to make your trip effortless and safe.

Altitude Aviation operates Private Charter aircraft including Private Jets, high capacity King Air and economical Piper Chieftan and Beechcraft Baron. We also provide full-service flights in helicopters through to large international jets.

Need to get staff to a remote site? Our high performance and agile turboprop planes can operate on unsealed runways. This makes them ideal for outback tourism as well as FIFO flights. Our FIFO capable aircraft include the high capacity Kingair and equally capable Chieftain.

Our Aircraft

Our owned and operated aircraft include economical and safe twin-piston aircraft through to internationally capable private jets.

The Cessna Citation M2 is our newest in the fleet and is a technologically advanced and luxurious aircraft. It can travel at speeds up to 400 knots to get you to your destination quickly and efficiently.

The Cessna Citation CJ2 is a long-range corporate jet that seats up to seven passengers. It has the luxury of any corporate jet plus the flexibility to take off and land at small, regional airports.

The nine to ten passenger King Air B200 is a turboprop aircraft that sees a lot of use. It’s elegant and spacious, and its interior can be arranged for different needs—from FIFO flights to tourism to corporate meetings.

The nine passenger Piper Chieftain is a high performance twin-piston aircraft that’s great for touring and can handle take-offs and landings on rough airstrips. Air conditioning and nine comfortable seats make it a pleasure to travel in.

Tours and Group Charter

In these turbulent times, many guests are considering touring remote and amazing locations throughout Outback Australia. Why not choose a flight to one of our beautiful coastal towns for a beachside getaway? Some excellent ideas include the iconic Birdsville in the Outback for the annual Birdsville Races, to Lizard Island in northern Queensland, to Hamilton Island near the Great Barrier Reef, and virtually any other place in or near Australia. Let us know where we can take you!

Whichever type of charter flight you need, with our network of charter aircraft throughout Australia, we can have the right aircraft for the job in the air quickly day or night.

Our charter operation services all regional and major cities in Australia, including all regional towns, international airports and small private airstrips.

The Altitude team go above and beyond, organising ground transport connections and even making hotel recommendations to take your travel experience to the next level.

Altitude provides fantastic service and ensures our FIFO crew are transferred to site safely and on time.  They are very flexible and can adjust their flights to suit our changing needs in the current COVID-19 environment.

Whatever time of day or night the Altitude team is always available to take our call.

On time and reliable service! A time effective alternative for our staff travel over commercial airlines services. We have the flexibility to fly on our own schedule

Our Service

Your dedicated charter managers, ground crew, and flight crew are always on hand to ensure your charter is completed in the right aircraft for the job and is on hand to ensure your flight runs smoothly.  Each member is highly trained in their area of specialty.  Your satisfaction and safety are always our primary goals.  We have a large number of aircraft at our disposal so if you can’t find what you are looking for on this site, reach out to us and we will always provide the aircraft to suit your needs.

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