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How to choose

There is much to consider when choosing an appropriate private air charter company. Options vary widely in terms of safety, performance, comfort and cost but don’t worry, we are here to help. Our friendly staff can provide all the information to steer you in the right direction to choose your private charter aircraft.

We will cover and assist with all aspects of your trip including

  • catering,
  • ground transport,
  • activities

Let us help you find the best travel options to get you on your way.

Air charter managers

Our specialist air charter managers are dedicated to assist you not only find the right aircraft for the job, but ensure the flight goes smoothly from start to finish. Customer safety and satisfaction are our primary focus, so we will only provide an aircraft we believe is suitable for the task. Our large range of aircraft options available gives you the choice to match the aircraft with your requirements.

Where can I find your offices?

Altitude Aviation operates from all and any airport in Australia.  We have offices and passenger lounges at Archerfield Airport and Bankstown airport. Getting around our metro airports can be tricky, call us 24/7 if directions are needed 1800 747 300.

Archerfield location link:

Bankstown location link:

Where do you fly from?

Altitude Aviation operates from all and any airport in Australia.  We can whisk you away to almost any airport in Australia and beyond including the ever-popular Birdsville and Lizard Island airports.

What are your private jet services?

When it comes to luxury private jet charter, Altitude Aviation will deliver an impressive and effective jet aircraft that exceeds your expectations. Business jet charter offers flexibility, efficiency and productivity in a demanding corporate world. Please browse our corporate jet charter fleet, or speak to our jet charter specialists for further information.  Cessna CJ2Cessna M2.

Private Jets makes any trip an amazing one

What FIFO services to you provide?

For many years, Altitude Aviation has flown FIFO staff to and from their places of work in our King Air aircraft.  We fly over 100 staff members each and every week typically for mining operations.  We understand that your schedule is the only thing that matters which is why we operate these flights 365 days a year including Christmas and new years day!  Read more.
We are always on time, on budget and flexible
Call us today to discuss your FIFO needs: 1800 747 300

FIFO charters are our speciality

Do you fly internationally?

We can arrange any international flight in a huge range of luxury aircraft

Falcon 900

What are your hours of operation?

We are open 24/7, every day of the week.  Call our 24-hour number to connect with us 1800 747 300

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