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As Australian charter travel restrictions change, are you ready for travel within Australia? What are your options? 

Keep up-to-date with all the latest information here on this page.  Private charter flights offer the best, safest and easiest way to get around and see Australia.  Tourism Australia boss, Philippa Harrison says “We are gearing up for an incredible local tourism boom”.  As COVID-19 restrictions ease we are expecting a rise in interest in travel to unique Australian destinations.

Travelling for work?  We also have all the latest information on business charter travel requirements and restrictions.  Check back often for up-to-date news.

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All travel with Altitude Aviation is made under special COVID-19 procedures to keep you and our crews safe.

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New South Wales



Western Australia

South Australia

Northern Territory

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10th July 2020: New NSW hotspots have been identified and restrictions have been put in place for travellers wishing to enter Queensland from NSW.

Note, entry is prohibited for Victorian recreational travellers.

From 12 noon 10 July 2020

From 10 July 2020, any person from Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory, may enter Queensland subject to completing and signing a border declaration.

If any person entering Queensland from whatever place has spent time in any local government area in Victoria during the past 14 days, they will be subject to mandatory hotel quarantine.


Recreational Travel


No persons from Victoria may enter Queensland.

Travellers that have been in an NSW hotspot may not enter Queensland unless some conditions are met, these are some of the common allowances:

    1. the person’s usual residence is in Queensland; or
    2. to perform an essential activity in Schedule 1; or
    3. the person arrives by air to an airport in Queensland and:
      1. transfers directly to another flight to leave Queensland without leaving the confines of the airport; or
      2. quarantines until the time of their flight to leave Queensland; or
    4. the person arrived in the COVID-19 hotspot and used private transport to travel directly from their point of arrival to an airport in the COVID-19 hotspot, without stopping, to depart the COVID-19 hotspot by air; or
    5. the person arrived by air to the COVID-19 hotspot for the sole purpose of transiting through an airport in the COVID-19 hotspot and did not leave the confines of the airport; or
    6. the person is a student at a higher education institution or boarding school and is entering Queensland for the purposes of receiving instruction, including a parent or guardian accompanying a student who is a minor

Current Hotspots :

All of Victoria

NSW Local Government Areas:



Georges River



The Hills Shire




Inner West



Sutherland Shire



Central Coast

Northern Beaches



Business Travel

YES : Exempt travellers include (A QLD Entry Pass should be completed by all travellers):

  • essential health services
  • emergency services
  • transport of any goods or freight, by land sea or air
  • critical maintenance/repair to critical infrastructure in Queensland
  • FIFO workers (required to provide evidence that they are a FIFO worker, who they are working for)
  • construction, mining/energy/commercial fishing/agribusinesses
  • federal, state or local government workers or contractors who are required to enter to Queensland to work
New South Wales
New South Wales

New South Wales / ACT

NSW and ACT has temporarily imposed border restrictions with Victoria

From 8th July 2020, Victorians wishing to enter NSW or ACT must have a valid entry permit.

All other Inter-state holidaymakers are allowed to enter NSW.

More information on the NSW Government website.


Information about entering the ACT website

Recreational Travel

SOME : From 1st June holidaymakers, except travellers from Victoria, are able to travel within and from interstate to NSW and ACT, including Ski Resorts.  Travellers from interstate will be able to visit NSW and ACT but will need to comply with any rules of their home state when returning.  Travellers from Victoria may apply for an ACT permit and NSW entry permit here.

Business travel

SOME : Victorian travellers re required to apply for an entry permit, otherwise no restrictions are in place for business and essential workers to travel to NSW for work.

Apply for an entry permit here.

Permission will be granted to the following traveller types:

  • Movement of freight or persons on a commercial basis
  • Maintenance and repair of critical infrastructure
  • Medical or hospital care
  • Law enforcement
  • Commonwealth defence and security services
  • Mining, agriculture, construction, energy or manufacturing


There are no restrictions on leaving or entering Victoria at this time. However, many other states are preventing travel from Victoria to those states to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Many residents in Victoria are under a lockdown notice and are unable to leave their residence.

Business Travel is OPEN.

More information on the Victoria Government website.

Recreational Travel

LIMITED: There are restrictions on travel into, or from, Victoria

Business Travel

YES : Travel for business and essential workers is allowed.

More information in Victorian Government website



You may not currently travel to Tasmania for holiday purposes. 

Business Travel is RESTRICTED.

More information in the Tasmanian Government website.

Recreational Travel

NO :Holidaying not allowed.  All non-essential travellers to self-isolate for 14 days.

Business Travel

SOME : Travel is allowed for the following catagories:

  • National and State Security and Governance
  • Health Services
  • Transport, freight and logistics
  • Specialist skills critical to maintaining key industries or businesses
  • Paramedics and ambulance officers
  • Police officers

Quarantine conditions also apply to Essential Travellers in Tasmania.

South Australia
South Australia

South Australia

You may travel to South Australia for holiday purposes from SOME states.

Business Travel is OPEN.

More information in the South Australian Government website.

Recreational Travel

SOME : You may travel to South Australia from the following states and territories.

If you are planning travel to South Australia, aim to complete the Cross Border Travel Registration at least three days before you leave, regardless of where your travel begins.

  • Northern Territory,
  • Western Australia,
  • Tasmania and
  • Queensland**
  • Victoria***

**People travelling directly from Queensland to South Australia, having spent the last 14 days in Queensland immediately prior to arrival, to be released from the requirement to self-quarantine.

***You can only enter from Victoria if:

  • you’re an SA resident and you self-quarantine for 14 days.
  • you’re an essential traveller.
Business Travel

SOME : Travel is allowed for the following categories:

  • National and State security and governance
  • Health services
  • Essential medical treatment
  • Transport and freight services
  • Skills critical to maintaining key industries or businesses including FIFO
  • Emergency services workers
  • Cross border community members
  • Passing through
  • Compassionate grounds

Essential travellers are required to keep records of close contacts for a 14 day period from the date of their arrival in South Australia.

A “close contact” occurs when a person is in the company of another person:

  • within an enclosed space for two hours or longer
  • within 1.5 m of the other person for 15 minutes or longer

The essential traveller must record the time and location of the contact, as well as the name and contact details of each other person (if known). These records must be kept for 28 days after the initial 14-day recording period.


The following essential travellers are not required to keep records of close contacts.

  • National and state security and governance personnel
  • Fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) workers
  • Emergency service workers
  • Cross-border community members
Northern Territory
Northern Territory

Northern Territory

People not eligible for exemption arriving at a Northern Territory border must complete 14 days of forced quarantine.

Borders are planned to open on 17th July 2020.

Business Travel is RESTRICTED.

More information in the NT Government website.

Recreational Travel

Borders Open

SOON : Holidaying not allowed.  All non-essential travellers to enter quarantine for 14 days.

Business Travel

SOME : Travel is allowed for the following catagories:

  • national and Northern Territory security and governance
  • medical transport and emergency services
  • transport, freight and logistics
  • defence and policing
  • flight crews
  • commercial ship crews
  • people with specialist skills that are critical to maintaining key government services, industries or businesses

All persons entering NT must complete a border arrival form.

Western Australia
Western Australia

Western Australia

You cannot enter Western Australia without an exemption.

Business Travel is RESTRICTED.

More information in the WA Government website.

Recreational Travel allowed into WA

NO :Holidaying or entry to WA not allowed.

Business Travel allowed into WA

SOME : Persons travelling into WA must apply for an exemption is via the G2G PASS online form. Please submit your application at least 3 days prior to travel. By applying online, you can track your application status and will receive an email with the outcome of your application.


Exemptions exist for the following:

  • senior government officials in the course of duties
  • members of the Commonwealth Parliament and their staff
  • active military personnel on duty in WA
  • specialist skills not available in WA
  • emergency service workers
  • judicial officers or staff members of a court, tribunal or commission
  • persons carrying out a function under a Commonwealth law
  • health services, when requested by the Chief Health Officer of the Department of Health
  • FIFO workers and their family members
  • urgent and essential medical treatment
  • attending a relative’s funeral or visiting a relative who is critically ill or whose death is imminent
  • transport, freight and logistics (not including airline and maritime crew members)
  • compassionate grounds
  • otherwise seeking approval to enter WA.
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