Aircraft profile

Cessna Citation CJ2

413 knots / 765 kph
7 seats luxury club seats
45,000 feet

The Cessna Citation CJ2 is one of the most efficient corporate jets available.  It offers exceptional passenger comfort and versatility. The Private Jet is designed for flying to smaller, regional centres which are not serviced by airlines.  Capable of long-range trips into major airports is also a feature of the CJ2. International destinations to countries around Australia are well within reach of this remarkable aircraft.  Flying above the airline traffic and with only minutes for boarding and disembarking, the Citation is a perfect solution for customers who need to maximise their travel efficiency and minimise their waiting times.

The Citation is a perfect alternative to the airlines and allows for fully-customisable itineraries, giving customers unique control over their travel.

Looking for an aircraft to carry more passengers, the King Air is ready for any mission.


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