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Aircraft Feature:

IAI 1124a Westwind II

IAI Westwind jet charter with Altitude Aviation


The Westwind II offers excellent speed and range performance for domestic and international charters for up to 8 passengers.

Cabin/Seating Layout

The aircraft featured in this article has a 4 seat club configuration in the rear cabin, as well as a rearward facing seat near the cabin door and 3 person sideways facing bench seat. The aircraft has a fully enclosed lavatory in the rear cabin, satellite phone communications, as well as two DVD players and Bose headsets for in-flight entertainment.

Westwind Private Jet Interior

IAI Westwind Charter IAI Westwind Private Jet Charter IAI Westwind Business Jet Charters


Luggage Storage

The Westwind has two luggage compartments in the rear fuselage, although baggage space in these is quite limited.



The Westwind II boasts a range of up to 2400nm (4445km) range, allowing it to cross Australia non-stop even with significant headwinds. With its excellent range it becomes a versatile aircraft for charters to a number of Asia-Pacific destinations.



The Westwind II is powered by two Garrett TFE731 turbofan engines which produce 16.5 kN (3,700 lbf) each.

This type of engine is also used in jet aircraft such as the Lear 36, Falcon 900 and Hawker 800.

IAI Westwind Jet Charter

IAI Westwind II Charter Flights

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The Westwind was originally designed in the United States by Aero Commander as a development of its twin-propeller namesake aircraft, the Aero Commander 1121 Jet Commander. It was of broadly conventional business jet arrangement, with two engines mounted in nacelles carried on the rear fuselage. However the wings were mounted halfway up the fuselage instead of the typical low-wing arrangement of aircraft in this class.

Shortly thereafter, Aero Commander was acquired by North American Rockwell. Since Rockwell already had an executive jet of its own design, the Sabreliner, and could not keep both in production it was therefore decided to sell off the rights to the Jet Commander, which were purchased by Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI).

In 1980 deliveries of the Model 1124A commenced; modifications included a new wing centre-section and the additional winglets to the tips. The revamped aircraft was called the Westwind II, replacing the original design in production. IAI built its last Westwind in 1987, after a total of 442 Jet Commanders and Westwinds had been built, switching production to the Astra.


Key Advantages

IAI Westwind Corporate Jet Charter

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Number of passengers 8
Crew 2 pilots
Maximum Altitude 45,000 ft
Cruising Speed 460kts (850 km/hr)
Range (max) 2400nm (4445 km)
Performance Very Good
Luggage Storage Limited
Toilet Yes
Galley Yes
Additional Features Audio Visual Entertainment System (some models)


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