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Aircraft Feature:

Bombardier Lear 45 Business Jet

Lear 45 lear jet charter with Altitude Aviation


The Bombardier Learjet 45 is a modern generation super-light business jet that combines speed, comfort and range in a sleek and stylish package.

Cabin/Seating Layout

The Lear 45 passenger cabin seats up to 8 passengers, normally in double-club configuration. The cabin is fitted with swivelling recliner seats and tables, a refreshment galley and aft lavatory.


Learjet 45 Private Jet Interior

Learjet 45 Business Jet Charters Learjet 45 Business Jet Charters Learjet 45 Business Jet Charters


Luggage Storage

The Lear 45 has a separate 1.4 cubic metre heated baggage compartment.


The Lear 45 jet has an impressive range for its class, being a maximum 2120nm (3926km).



The Lear 45 is powered by two Honeywell TFE731 turbofans, each providing 15.57kN (3,500lbs) at takeoff. The engines are fitted with FADEC digital engine control and thrust reversers. The aircraft also features an internal Auxillary Power unit (APU) to provide ground power when the engines are not running, enabling avionic systems to remain active and air-conditioning to provide ground cooling/heating.

Bombardier Lear 45 private jet charters

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Bombardier Lear Jet Charter Flights


The first customer delivery of the Lear 45 was in January 1998.

An upgraded version, the Lear 45XR was introduced in June, 2004, offering higher takeoff weights, faster cruise speeds and faster time-to-climb rates, as well as a more spacious cabin.

Bill Lear founded the Learjet corporation is the early 1960's and since over 2300 Learjets have been built and are in operation worldwide.


Key Advantages

Learjet 45 Private Jet Charter

Lear Jet charter flights Learjet charter flights Lear 45 private jet charters



Number of passengers 8
Crew 2 pilots
Maximum Altitude 51,000 ft
Cruising Speed 460kts (850 km/hr)
Range (max) 2120nm (3926km)
Performance Very Good
Luggage Storage Limited
Toilet Yes
Galley Yes
Additional Features  


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