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Altitude Aviation wishes to advise you of the following tips and safety information to avoid any inconveniences prior to or during your charter flight.


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It is recommended that passengers arrive at the Airport 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure, especially if the charter itinery is time critical.

The flight times given in charter quotes are usually the expected flight time in the air (assuming nil wind). It is generally prudent to add at least 15 minutes at each end of the flight when planning your itinerary loading/unloading bags, boarding and taxiing.

Passenger/Baggage Weights

In light aircraft, baggage space is usually very limited. Normally we recommend 1 soft bag up to 10 kgs per passenger unless otherwise specified. Soft bags are ideal as they will fit more easily into the small cargo holds in the aircraft.

For larger aircraft, standard passenger weights are normally used by the flight crew in calculations. However, in smaller aircraft (below 12 seats), passenger and baggage weight is much more critical and normally individual passenger weights are required to ensure the aircraft is loaded within weight and balance limitations and for fuel planning purposes.

Aircraft are generally designed to have a trade off between payload (passengers and freight) able to be carried and fuel. Often an aircraft will not be able to carry its full seat capacity due to fuel requirements and weight limitations. Standard adult passenger weights are 86 kg for males and 74 kg for females. Particularly in heavier than these weights, the flight may have to be limited to fewer passengers.

Fuel Stops

Sometimes the aircraft may have to stop for fuel enroute. This would generally add about 30 minutes to the trip, however is a good opportunity to get out and stretch your legs.

If the aircraft is heavily loaded, more fuel stops may required than if a lighter load was carried.

Additional Information

Smoking is not permitted on aircraft.

Dangerous goods (such as aerosols, paint, matches, gas stoves, firearms/ammunition etc ) are normally not permitted onboard aircraft and must be declared to your flight crew prior to loading/boarding to ensure the safety of your flight.

For further information, please contact our charter managers who would be more than happy to discuss any issues with you to ensure the safety and efficiency of your charter flight.

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