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Aircraft Feature:

Beechcraft Super King Air 200

Beechcraft Super King Air 200 Charter


The Beechcraft Super King Air series is without doubt the most popular turboprop aircraft ever built. It is a reliable and rugged workhorse but is very popular for corporate charters. The aircraft is in wide use in Australia with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Air Ambulance, military and government agencies, as well as many corporate users.

The majority of King Air's in Australia are the 200 series, which are normally configured to seat up to 8 passengers. The larger 8-12 seat transport category variant, the Super King Air 350 is also making its mark in the Australian fleet.

The aircraft offers twin turboprop reliability, performance, comfort and safety.


Cabin/Seating Layout

The Super King Air cabin can be configured in either executive or utlity/commuter configurations to suit. It has a comfortable and roomy “squared-oval” pressurized cabin. The flight deck seats a crew of two and is fitted with dual controls although it can be flown by a single pilot.

Beechraft Super King Air 200 Cockpit

Beechcraft Super King Air 200 cabin

Luggage Storage



Range/Airstrip Capability




The B200 King Air is powered by two 850hp (634 kW) Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-42 turboprop engines. PT6 turboprop engines have a jet turbine which produces hot gases to spin a free-turbine coupled to the propellor. These engines have an excellent power to weight ratio and are extremely reliable.

Beechcraft Super King Air Engine Beechcraft Super King Air Charter Flights

Beechcraft Super King Air 200




From October 1995 Beechcraft offered an updated B200 with Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) avionics. Post 2003 Model King Airs are normally fitted the advanced Rockwell Collins Proline 21 glass cockpit suite.


The Beech Model 200 Super King Air was developed from the Model 100 King Air.  Changes included a T-tail, more powerful engines, larger wings and greater fuel capacity.  The King Air 200 first flew in 1972 and are still in production today. The Beechcraft Super King Air 200 is a twin-turboprop transport and utility aircraft. It is part of the King Air series, a family of aircraft that has been in continuous production since 1964, the longest production run of any civilian turboprop aircraft. The King Air line has outlasted all of its previous competitors, and as of 2006 is one of only two twin-turboprop business airplanes in production.

In 1996, “Super” was dropped from the name and the aircraft became known as the King Air B200. Since first entering service in 1981, over 2,150 B200s have been delivered. It went on to be the most successful aircraft in its class, overtaking rivals such as the Cessna Conquest and the Piper Cheyenne.


Further Developments

The 200 series proved so popular that Beechcraft began work on a successor, with the Beechcraft Model 300 or "Super King Air 300". The B200's airframe was streamlined and even more powerful engines (PT6A-60A, rated at 1050 shp) installed in redesigned cowlings (known as "pitot cowlings" due to the reshaped engine air intakes), with MTOW increased to 14,000 lb (6,300 kg).

By 1988, Beechcraft had begun work on the replacement for the 300. The fuselage of the 300 was stretched by nearly three feet with two extra cabin windows on each side and winglets added to the wingtips to create the Model B300, introduced in 1990 as "Super King Air 350". Like the 200 and B200 before it, a version with a large cargo door was developed, the Model B300C marketed as the "Super King Air 350C". The first deliveries of this model also took place in 1990. In 1998 the UltraQuiet Active Noise Cancelling System was added as standard equipment on all B300s. In October 2003 Beechcraft announced that it would deliver future B300 and B300C King Airs with the Rockwell Collins Proline 21 avionics suite.

The B300 model is still in production today (as the "King Air 350", the "Super" being dropped in 1996 as mentioned earlier).

Beech Super King Air 200 Turboprop Charter Flights


Key Advantages


Number of passengers 8
Crew 1-2 pilots
Maximum Altitude 25,000 ft
Cruising Speed 270kts (500 km/hr)
Range (max)  
Performance Good
Luggage Storage Very Good
Toilet Yes
Galley No
Additional Features  


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