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Hawker Pacific Flight Centre Sydney

Altitude Aviation normally utilises the Hawker Pacific corporate terminal at Mascot for its Sydney Charter Flights. The facility features a comfortable corporate lounge, bar and refreshment areas, internet and fax services and meeting room. Hawker Pacific offers limited secure parking (at cost) and significant terminal fees must be included in the charter cost.

Normally departure from Sydney Airport will include 15 minutes of taxi time before becoming airborne, which can sometimes be delayed even further if there are a high number of traffic movements or in poor weather.

Hawker Pacific Flight Centre
Hangar 390 Ross Smith Avenue.
Mascot, NSW 2020 Australia

Sydney Airport Terminal Location Map

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Bankstown Airport

General Aviation Terminal

Bankstown Airport is Sydney's main general aviation airport. Charter flights to and from this airport are generally simpler and more convenient, as well as less costly than that associated with Mascot airport.

A General Aviation passenger terminal is provided, which is normally the departure location for Altitude Aviation charter flights. The terminal is found at the end of Airport Avenue, which is the main entrance road into Bankstown Airport (off Marion St). A passenger lounge is available on request at Bankstown Airport Terminal.

Bankstown Charter Flights Bankstown
Aircraft Charter Flights from Bankstown Airport





Bankstown Airport Terminal
Airport Avenue
Bankstown Airport, NSW Australia

Bankstown Airport Terminal Location Map

Download Bankstown Terminal Map as PDF

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