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Helicopter Charter Services

Altitude Aviation specialises in a variety of helicopter charter services Australia-Wide. Please visit our helicopter page to browse some of the charter helicopters we can provide. Our Charter Managers will be glad to assist you with any enquiry.

Bell Jet Ranger helicopter charter

Helicopter Aerial Lifting

Helicopters can be used to lift and place large and heavy items, often for construction purposes. Helicopters can be used as an aerial crane, lifting items quickly and efficiently to difficult locations such as bridges and rooftops. Typical lifting capacities are 400-1000kg for light turbine helicopters, or up to 2500-3500kg for larger heavy lift helicopters.


Helicopter Transfers

Helicopters make a convenient, efficient and impressive aerial taxi. Helicopter transfers are popular for those wishing to travel in style or where time and convenience are paramount. Helicopter transfers often occur from airports, between resorts and golf courses, to island destinations, or wherever the imagination desires.


Group Helicopter Charter

Altitude Aviation specialises in group helicopter charter services. Altitude Aviation has the resources to provide multiple helicopters to transfer large groups of 8-40 passengers at a time. This is particularly popular for corporate events and incentive days, where larger numbers need to be catered for.

Group Helicopter Charter Specialists- Altitude aviation Group Helicopter Flights with Altitude Aviation- Helicopter Charter Specialists Hunter Valley Wine Tour Group Helicopter Charter Group Helicopter Flights with Altitude Aviation- Helicopter Charter Specialists Hunter Valley Wine Tour Group Helicopter Charter


Aerial Filming and Aerial Photography

Helicopters are ideal for aerial filming and photography. Helicopters enable better views of a site, particularly as doors can be removed to provide an unobstructed view. Helicopters can get in close to a site and orbit or hover as directed. Specialised helicopter aerial filming and photography operations are normally restricted to essential crew only and passengers which are supernumery are not normally able to be carried. Our minimum charge for aerial photography is 1 hour flight time.

 helicopter aerial photography charter


Helicopter Site Inspections

Often companies in the real estate, mining, property development, equine and other industries require site inspections to be carried out with their staff and/or corporate clients. Helicopters can carry out site inspections quickly and efficiently, saving time and increasing productivity, while at the same time impressing corporate clients. Helicopters are able to land at any site which is safe to do so and the landowner's permission is granted. Why not utilise a helicopter for your next site inspection.


VIP and Corporate Helicopter Charter

Corporate helicopters transfer executives in comfort and privacy. Altitude Aviation can provide a range of corporate helicopters suitable for these operations. Often larger and faster, twin-engined helicopters are popular for corporate helicopter transfers. These aircraft are often capable of operation at night or in poorer weather conditions.

Sikorsky S76 Corporate helicopter charter with Altitude Aviation


Corporate Group Incentives

Helicopters can bring an that touch of excitement to any corporate incentive event. Altitude Aviation can provide helicopters to cater for larger group numbers. Contact our helicopter charter managers to help make your next corporate event a success.


Helicopter Scenic Tours

Helicopters provide breathtaking scenic views of Australia's coastal and inland landscapes. Enjoy the scenery with family or friends, or charter multiple helicopters for those larger groups.

Please note that as our company is focused more towards corporate helicopter charters, our minimum flight time for helicopter operations is 1 Hour and we do not specialise in short joyflights. Other helicopter operators would normally be able to provide special rates for smaller joyflights.


Corporate Lunch and Wine Helicopter Tours

What better way to escape to lunch at a boutique winery or other secluded location than by helicopter. For the ultimate in romantic getaways, contact our charter managers to help make that lasting impression.


Helicopter Charter Specialists

Altitude Aviation will provide the right helicopter for all the above operations and more. Contact our specialist charter managers to discuss how we can fulfil your task with ease and success.


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