Helicopter Charter- Useful Information


Charter Helicopter Types

Before you charter a helicopter it is helpful to have some useful information to assist you in this process.

Light Charter Helicopters (Piston)

Smaller helicopters (1-3 seats) are often powered by piston engines. These helicopters are economical and are particularly useful for aerial filming/photography and scenic flights/transfers.

Examples of these helicopters would be the Robinson R22 (ideal for photography) and the Robinson R44 (ideal for scenic flights, transfers, wine tours etc). Typical helicopter charter rates for light piston helicopters are between $600-$1000 per flight hour.


Robinson R44 helicopter charter
Robinson R44 ( piston, 3 passengers)

Light Charter Helicopters (Turbine)

Most helicopters with 4-6 seats are normally powered by a single jet turbine engine, which gives a greater power output and increased reliability. These helicopters are ideal for general charter, utility work and corporate charters.

Common examples of this category of helicopter are the Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel and Bell 206 Jet Ranger. Light turbine helicopter charter rates are generally between $1200-$2000 per flight hour.

Eurocopter Helicopter Charter
Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel (turbine, 5 passengers)


New Generation Charter Helicopters (Single-engine Turbine)

Two of the most versatile and impressive helicopters available through Altitude Aviation in this category are the Bell 407 and Eurocopter EC120 and EC130 helicopters. These are new generation helicopters that offer style and comfort and very good performance.

Unlike a lot of helicopters, the exceptional performance of these aircraft means all the seats can be filled without having to limit the payload (passengers) or fuel to a point that is impractical. The Bell 407 and Eurocopter are both very impressive, yet economical corporate helicopters.


Eurocopter EC120 helicopter charter

Bell 407 helicopter charter

Eurocopter EC120 (turbine, 4 passengers)
Bell 407 (turbine, 6 passengers)


Twin-Engine Charter Helicopters (Twin Turbine)

Only a limited number of twin-engined corporate helicopters are available in Australia. These helicopters are often equipped to fly at night and sometimes in poorer weather conditions.

Examples in this category are the Kawasaki BK117 and Agusta A109 helicopters. These helicopters have very limited availability and are normally relatively expensive in excess of $2500+ per flight hour.

Agusta A109 corporate helicopter charter
Kawasaki BK117 twin engine helicopter charter
Agusta A109 (twin turbine, 7 passengers)
Kawasaki BK117 (twin turbine, 8 passengers)

Helicopter Limitations.

Most charter helicopters in Australia are restricted to visual operations in the day only, with the exception of twin engined charter helicopters. Luggage is often very restricted in helicopter in terms of both size and weight, so plan to travel light. Our helicopter charter managers would be happy to discuss these limitations with you to ensure their are no inconveniences on the day of the flight.

Helicopter Charter Quotes

Helicopter charter quotes are normally calculated by the engine hour (engine start to engine stop time). Some straight forward helicopter charters are quoted as a fixed total cost, while other jobs that are more variable in nature may be quoted as an hourly rate and an estimate of the flight time given. Helicopter charter prices vary between different types and category of helicopter.

Normally ferry time to complete the job has to be included in the quote, as the helicopter still has significant operating costs for every hour it flies.

Charter helicopters normally carry out a number of smaller charter flights during a particular day, therefore some waiting fees may apply if downtime is required on a particular charter.

Helicopter Landing Areas

Most helicopter charters fly to or from designated airports or helipads, however landing at other locations may be possible if there is a safe landing area and the landowner's permission is obtained. In major city areas, council restrictions often limit the landing sites available, so major airports or helipads may need to be utilised.

Helicopter Charter Specialists

For further information regarding helicopter selection or helicopter flights in general, please contact our Charter Managers who will be glad to assist with any questions.

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