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Fairchild Metro 3/23


About the aircraft

The Fairchild Metroliner series aircraft are widely used throughout Australia for scheduled airline services, larger group charter and freight.

The Metro 3 and 23 series are the heavier commuter category version of the aircraft and will carry a full compliment of 19 passengers or 2000 kg of freight, whilst meeting more stringent performance standards.

The aircraft has a comparatively low operating cost and is a fast, economical people mover.

Number of passengers 19
Crew 2
Maximum Altitude 25,000 ft
Cruising Speed 260 kts (481 km/h)
Performance Good
Luggage Storage Good, rear cargo hold
Pressurised Cabin Yes
Climate Control Yes
Restroom No
Additional Features Weather Radar, Traffic and Ground Avoidance Systems, De-ice, Satellite navigation

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