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Jet Charter Specialists

When it comes to business jets, Altitude Aviation is your Jet Charter Specialist. Altitude Aviation provides a range of luxury corporate jets to suit your style and budget. The aircraft are available at short notice, 24 hours a day for executive charter, urgent freight and medevac missions

Corporate jets are the ultimate charter aircraft in terms of style, safety, comfort and performance. They are invaluable where time and productivity are crucial to the business flyer.

Altitude Aviation also provides management services for owners or leasees of corporate aircraft. Please click here or contact our staff for further information.

Private Jet Charter Rates

Private jet charter rates are generally between $2500-$5000 per flight hour for light 4-9 passenger jets or $8000-$12000/hr for larger wide-body, long range corporate jets.

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Corporate Jet Charter Flights with Altitude Aviation Australia

Cessna Citation CJ1 (4-5 passengers)

The Cessna Citation CJ1 makes corporate jet travel more cost-effective for smaller groups of passengers. The CJ1 is a late model aircraft featuring state-of-the-art avionics and systems and can be crewed by a single-pilot if desired.

Cessna Citation Charter Flights with Altitude Aviation Australia

Cessna Citation 2 (7-9 passengers)

The Cessna Citation 2 series corporate jet is a widely used and dependable aircraft. Seating up to 8 passengers in comfort, the aircraft is perfect for short to medium range trips and can land on most regional airfields.

Learjet 35 Corporate Jet Charter Flights with Altitude Aviation Australia

Learjet 35 (6-7 passengers)

Boasting excellent range, short runway capability, and best-in-class performance, the Lear 35 is a perfect choice for business or personal travel in the light jet category.

Learjet 45 Corporate Jet Charter Flights with Altitude Aviation Australia

Learjet 45 (8 passengers)

The Lear 45 represents the ultimate in the light jet category in Australia, boasting speed and range together with superior passenger comfort. The lear 45 is a modern generation corporate jet, featuring state-of-the-art avionics and systems.

IAI Westwind Corporate Jet Charter Flights with Altitude Aviation Australia

IAI Westwind (8-9 passengers)

This aircraft is an excellent choice for medium to long range travel and offers a perfect blend of speed, range and comfort.

Beechjet 400 Corporate Jet Charter Flights with Altitude Aviation Australia

Beechjet 400 (7 passengers)

The ideal light jet is one way to describe this aircraft, which combines high cruise speeds, tremendous aircraft reliability and a spacious cabin for up to 7 passengers

Bombardier Challenger Corporate Jet Charter Flights with Altitude Aviation Australia

Bombardier Challenger (12 passengers)

The Challenger 604 features a truly spacious 12 passenger interior and stand up cabin, making it uniquely suitable for both business and private long distance travel.

The range of the Challenger gives it the capacity to fly from direct to any Australian capital city non-stop as well as places such as Jakarta, Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Bombardier Global Express Corporate Jet Charter Flights with Altitude Aviation Australia

Bombardier Global Express (12 passengers)

The Global Express is the ultra long-range wide-body business jet developed by Bombardier Aerospace.

The Global Express can fly intercontinental ranges without refuelling (e.g. New York - Tokyo) or between any two points in the world with only one stop.


Corporate Jet Charter Aircraft - Further Information

Corporate jets are the ultimate charter aircraft in terms of speed, privacy and safety. Corporate jets are utilised throughout the world for primarily for corporate and business travel, where time efficiency is crucial and privacy and comfort are paramount. Corporate jets range from small short to medium range aircraft , to wide-body, long-range global aircraft. Australia has quite a number of short-range corporate jets, but only limited numbers of larger long-range aircraft. Jet charter costs vary significantly between aircraft types and sizes.


Short-Range Private Jets

The short-range private jets are ideal for regional or interstate charter flights, as well as shorter range international sectors. These aircraft generally carry up to 8 passengers and are normally in a standard, but comfortable cabin configuration. Although charter rates are usually more expensive by the flight hour than corporate turboprop aircraft, their faster speed often makes the overall cost comparible.


Long-Range Business Jets

The long-range, global business jets are designed for primarily international travel. Most are wide-body aircraft with luxurious cabins often configured with lounges, entertainment systems, plush bathrooms and even boardrooms in the larger aircraft.


Corporate Jet Safety Systems

Corporate jets are normally certified to "transport category" standards with redundant systems and performance to provide a safe outcome in the event of engine or system failure.

Bleed air from the turbines also provides superior ancillary systems such as pressuriation, air conditioning and pneumatic de-icing equipment.

The pressurisation systems found in corporate jets enable them to climb to higher levels (around 45,000 ft), which is normally well above the weather where smoother conditions exist and strong winds can be used to advantage.

Corporate Jet charter aircraft are normally equipped with enhanced safety devices such as weather radar, anti-icing equipment, oxygen, traffic alerting systems and ground proximity warning systems.


Jet Charter Specialists

With their superior performance and safety features, business jet charter aircraft are the ultimate in comfort and safety for short, medium, or long range charter flights. Private jet charters have become an essential tool in the corporate world.

For further information regarding private jet charters, aircraft selection and jet charter prices, please contact our Charter Managers who will be glad to assist you with your enquiry.




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