Corporate Jet Charter Flight Aircraft: Cessna CitationJet CJ1/525


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Cessna CitationJet CJ1/525


About the aircraft

The Cessna Citation CJ1 makes corporate jet travel more cost-effective for smaller groups of passengers. The CJ1 is a late model aircraft featuring state-of-the-art avionics and systems and can be crewed by a single-pilot if desired. The CitationJet can land on short/narrow airstrips where most other jets cannot. For more information please refer to our CJ1 feature article.

Number of passengers 4-6
Crew 1-2
Maximum Altitude 41,000 ft
Cruising Speed 370 kts(685 km/hr)
Performance Fast
Luggage Storage Limited
Pressurised Cabin Yes
Climate Control Yes
Restroom No
Galley Limited
Additional Features Modern Glass Cockpit Technology and Flight Management System, Weather Radar, De-ice, Club seating

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