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Bombardier Global Express


About the aircraft

The Global Express is the ultra long-range wide-body business jet developed by Bombardier Aerospace. The aircraft has a cruise speed just below sonic level at Mach 0.88 or 0.85 and is capable of using first class or secondary airports and basic short airfields in remote areas.

The 14.73m long cabin is heated and air-conditioned. An Ultra Electronics active noise and vibration cancellation system ensures quiet conditions in flight. The cabin can be laid out for 8 to 19 passengers. Customised interior layouts can include office, stateroom or conference style areas.

The Global Express can fly intercontinental ranges without refuelling (e.g. New York - Tokyo) or between any two points in the world with only one stop.

Number of passengers 12
Crew 2
Maximum Altitude 51,000 ft
Cruising Speed 488 kts (904 km/hr)
Performance Fast
Luggage Storage Good
Pressurised Cabin Yes
Climate Control Yes
Restroom Yes
Galley Yes
Additional Features Active Noise Reduction, Flight Management System, Traffic and Ground Avoidance Systems,Weather radar, de-ice

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