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Agusta A109


About the aircraft

The Agusta A109 is a sleek and quiet corporate helicopter designed primarily for executive transport.

The finesse of the lines and the streamlined frontal area conceal one of the most luxurious cabins able to accommodate, in addition to the pilot, up to 7 passengers and their baggage. The A109 series has retained worldwide acclaim as the fastest executive helicopter in its class.

The A109 offers an ideal business environment for the transfer of passengers and is considered as the ultimate in corporate and executive transport.

The helicopter is twin-engined and meets requirements for night charter and charter in poor weather conditions.

Number of passengers 7
Crew 1
Maximum Altitude 10,000 ft
Cruising Speed 145 kts (268 km/hr)
Performance High
Luggage Storage Limited
Climate Control Yes
Restrictions Night/poor weather operations may be available.

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